Why Mental Illness Doesn’t Work…For Everybody

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Cuba. The funds will help the expenses of persons invited by the Gastro government to do analysis in Cuba.” The National Guardian Jan. 13, 1968 pointed out that “The Ford Foundation plays a key part in financing and influencing virtually all major civil rights groups together with Congress of Racial Equality, Southern Christian Leadership, National Urban League, and NAACP.” The Ford Foundation has spent many tens of millions to promote racial agitation and potential civil conflict in America, fully polarizing the races. Their mentor is the late Ludwig von Mises, born in Austria, and founding father of “the Austrian School of Economics”, who taught at New York University from 1946 till his dying. R. Emmett Tyrell Jr., writing within the Washington Post Aug. 20, 1984, cites the “squalid penalties of the 60s radicals in SDS” as resulting in “the growing charge of illegitimacy, petty lawlessness, drug addiction, welfare, VD, and mental illness”. Barbara Honegger was employed by Martin Anderson at Hoover Institution whereas writing a guide on the draft; she wore a scarab necklace and was the first graduate in experimental psychology at John F. Kennedy University, Olinda, Calif.; she had advised Reagan to resolve in opposition to underground shells of MX missiles because psychics would goal them; she had him put 5500 additional warheads on our 33 nuclear submarines as a result of psychic brainwaves are absorbed by the churning sea.

The phages had been grown in flasks alongside their goal micro organism for 28 days, so that they co-evolve and basically study the evolutionary escape routes that the micro organism might attempt to make use of. A single widespread denominator identifies the common Tavistock strategy – the use of medication. All Tavistock and American basis techniques have a single aim – to break down the psychological strength of the person and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the World Order. Soviet Union.” This is still the aim of the inspiration movement. They successfully short-circuited all of Reagans marketing campaign guarantees for decrease taxes, decreased authorities spending, and the goal of “getting the federal government off of our backs”. The Institute of Social Research at the Natl Training Lab brain washes the main executives of business and government. Roosevelts advisor, James Paul Warburg, son of Paul Warburg who wrote the Federal Reserve Act, and nephew of Max Warburg who had financed Hitler, arrange the Institute for Policy Studies to promote the drug.

Max Warburg, who was one of the most distinguished and wisest males that I have ever come into contact with, had a precept of financing these movements. Seymour Martin Lipset, who voted for John Anderson in 1980, took a survey of the 25 Hoover fellows in 1984; he discovered 11 Democrats, 10 Republicans, three unbiased, and one who was not a citizen. Und Sec. State Herbert Hoover Jr. and Sec. CIA; Herbert Stein, A. Willis Robertson prof of economics, Univ. Jeane Kirkpatrick has been prof. at Georgetown Univ. London 1931-50, prof. of social and ethical science at the Univ. She is the wife of veteran intelligence operative Evron Kirkpatrick, OSS 1945, intelligence specialist Dept. of State 1946-fifty four as chief psychological intelligence analysis staff specializing in behavioural science (individuals management). Tavistocks pioneer work in behavioural science alongside Freudian traces of “controlling” humans established it as the world center of foundation ideology. In 1892, the College of Chicago was organized as the middle of the Fabian Socialist program in America, with J. Laurence Laughlin, spokesman for the Cobden Clubs “free trade” program in England; Laughlin later became Paul Warburgs chief propagandist to stump for the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. The American Enterprise Institute was based by William J. Baroody and Milton Friedman in 1943; Baroody left in 1978 to take over the 87 million a yr Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown. 1967, chief of research American Enterprise Institute since 1977, director of Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown.